Idea Management

Discover, develop and distil quality ideas - fast!


Set the criteria for idea capture

Create your own configuration of questions and unique fields to capture exactly what you need from your idea authors.


Enrich ideas by attaching videos, images and documents

Idea authors can augment their submissions by uploading additional support material including: multiple image types (Jpeg, PNG, Gif, BMP), videos, YouTube embeds, MS Office documents, PDFs and Zip files. Experience shows that ideas with attachments do better than those without.


Augment challenges, ideas and people with customised keywords

Sort and filter challenges, ideas and people making it easy to find, track and group metadata. Cluster ideas by custom keywords and phrases; discover new users via their tagged skills and expertise or invite and hat-tip others.


Encourage user interaction, sharing of insights and development of ideas

Ideas evolve and gain support through discussion and collaboration. Refining ideas, voting on the comments of others, and tagging additional contributors for their input leads to the validation and strengthening of ideas, making their implementation more likely to succeed.


Deploy a range of idea evaluation tools

Set the most appropriate combination voting scheme for your challenge. Choose from a series of flexible tools including: voting up & down, liking, star rating, blind voting and the assigning of points.