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Win the Transaction, but Lose the Journey: Are You Focusing on What Matters Most in CX?

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A track team competed in the 4×400. Each runner on their team had the fastest lap of their respective group, but they still lost the race. What happened?
They struggled with all the hand-offs.
It’s a simple metaphor, but it’s useful in demonstrating the yawning gap between transaction and journey-based customer feedback. Transaction-based feedback focuses on a single interaction that a customer has with a company. How was checkout? Delivery? Maintenance? Journey-based feedback, on the other hand, encourages a customer to take a more holistic, big picture look at their experience with a company.
Most companies have traditionally focused on the former — but increasingly, many of the world’s leading brands are adding a journey-based approach to collecting customer feedback. The result has left a lot of leaders within these companies scratching their heads. Which brings us back to our 4×400 race:
As companies have begun adding journey-based questions to surveys, they’ve often seen a stark contrast — the majority of their transaction scores consistently score higher than their overall journey.
This formed the basis of research we had published in the Harvard Business Review, but we recently dug further into it in a Medallia webinar. Among the topics covered in it, we discuss:

  • Why a journey-based approach to customer experience is superior;
  • How to reorient toward customer journeys in such a way that creates maximum impact across your organization;
  • What needs to happen to rewire companies around customer journeys to create a better measurement system; and
  • How to get started — journey-based transformation won’t happen overnight, so what are the steps you can start taking now to get you there.

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Photo credit: tableatny

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