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Why Attend the Customer Experience Immersion Day

Why Attend the Customer Experience Immersion Day

Citizen Experience (CX) is quickly becoming the next big buzz and impact area for the public sector. The White House and the Office of American Innovation recently made CX one of the five Centers of Excellence and the Federal Customer Experience Act of 2017 is working its way through Congress, proving that 2018 is the year of CX in government.
However, most government agencies still struggle with how to deliver more citizen-centric, digital services to their citizens. If you have questions around how to implement top tier CX and want to learn from commercial industry CX leaders, the Citizen Experience Immersion Day on January 24 at the Westin Georgetown in Washington, DC is the event for you. Here are the top five reasons to attend this event:

1. Engage with key executives from the public and private sectors

This invite-only, complimentary event for government executives will provide a unique setting for government leaders to hear from and ask questions of commercial CX leaders. CX leaders from Marriott, Capital One, Verizon, 7-11, and Comcast will all be on-hand to share their journeys, experiences, and best practices.

2. Understand and differentiate customer experience, customer service, and user experience

Citizen Experience has become such a buzzword, but what does CX really mean? What kinds of initiatives should I be focusing my teams on? What are the outcomes I should be looking to drive? How do I prioritize my resources to have an impact on my organization’s CX?

3. Hear how commercial CX leaders built the business and cultural case for CX change

Getting initiatives started is hard for companies and government agencies alike. For many government leaders, CX is still perceived as secondary to the core mission. Learn how commercial leaders built the case for change and engaged leadership, to implement a CX strategy that drives measurable business results!

4. Build professional relationships with other government and commercial leaders

Every organization faces similar challenges when it comes to delivering top-tier CX. Network with your colleagues across the public and private sector to learn how they’re each tackling these challenges and  best practices they’ve picked up along the way. 

5. Learn how to get started from your government colleagues

Hear from some of your government colleagues about how they have taken concrete steps and started their CX journeys. Not only will you hear how companies have started their initiatives, you’ll also learn how your government colleagues are translating commercial best practices to government.
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