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Webinar: Retail, Disrupted – A Conversation with Deloitte’s Chief Retail Innovation Officer

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The retail industry is a changin’.
While it’s always been a fast moving and dynamic industry, the extent to which technology has completely redefined the landscape is unprecedented. The fastest growing retailer in the US barely owns any storefront property; customers are expecting retailers to serve them in entirely new channels, and make those channels integrate seamlessly with their old ones; and the New York Post is asking why “a booming Manhattan is full of empty storefronts”?
Medallia recently pulled together a guide for retailers to compete with the behemoth that is Amazon. As part of our continued focus on disruption inside the retail industry, we’re extremely excited to have Kasey Lobaugh, Deloitte’s Chief Retail Innovation Officer, join us to discuss the challenges facing today’s retailers, and peer out into the future of the industry. Topics that he’ll focus on include:

  • How Moore’s Law is impacting retail on a grand scale
  • US retail share volatility and competitive intensity
  • The degree to which digital interactions are impacting in-store conversion
  • Digital influence at the product and category level
  • Important customer learnings to consider when executing a digital strategy

These are critical topics for anyone who is engaging in the world of retail at present. Sign up using the form to the right and save your spot for this live webinar on Wednesday, September 23rd @ 10am PST.

Photo Credit: Nicholas Eckhart