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We Stand for Equal Pay

Today, on Equal Pay Day, Medallia joins more than 3,000 organizations in taking the Equal Pay Pledge on Glassdoor. In the U.S., women earn an average of 76 cents per dollar earned by men – a gender pay gap we are committed to help close.
The principle of equal pay for equal work is essential to living our values. In fact, we recently conducted our first ever pay equity analysis to ensure that compensation for U.S. Medallians is equal (i.e., no statistically significant differences) across gender and race for comparable work, experience, and performance. We have committed to conducting regular reviews of our practices to ensure continued fair compensation for Medallians.
We thank Glassdoor for hosting the pledge and all the companies that have signed up. The more companies that stand up for equal pay, the closer we will get to making salary equity a reality for all.
Join us in this important conversation and share that you #StandForEqualPay alongside us.

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