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VIDEO: 7-Eleven’s Head of Digital Innovation, Medallia’s CCO, and Ina Fried Fireside Chat at GrowthBeat

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Given mounting customer expectations, how do today’s companies create fierce loyalty amongst their customers? This was the topic of conversation at a fireside chat at VentureBeat’s recent GrowthBeat conference, in which Re/code’s Ina Fried moderated a conversation with Medallia’s CCO, Ken Fine, and 7-Eleven’s Digital Innovation team leader and co-founder of 7-Ventures, Mike Debnar.

Ina, a self-proclaimed “Diet Coke addict” and frequent 7-Eleven customer, dug further into customers’ changing definition of “convenience” — and what 7-Eleven is doing to meet that challenge. Mike described the ways his company incorporates the voice of the customer into innovation testing and how he envisions 7-Eleven transforming into a hub for modern conveniences like Amazon Lockers and KeyMe.

From there, the group discussed the future of customer experience and what brick-and-mortar businesses can learn from disruptive companies like Uber. In particular, they focused on how companies can better leverage customer feedback data to remove friction and create great customer experiences.

If you want to hear Ina’s great jokes about her love of 7-Eleven or how the world’s biggest convenience store retailer (over 53,500 stores worldwide) uses the voice of the customer to drive innovation and improvements — watch this video!