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Using Design Thinking to Improve the Customer Experience

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Customer experience improvements draw on several important elements, and not all of them tend to be treated equally.
An element that does receive a great deal of attention is a statistical mindset. Valuable improvements can arise from digging into customer feedback to see which customer experience drivers you’re underperforming in, and predicting what types of improvements will have the largest impact on key metrics.
Another element, which has recently received increasing attention from leading companies, is the experimental side of CX improvement. This often involves running simple, ongoing tests with small groups of customers to measure the impact of new ideas, and using those learnings to decide which ones to roll out broadly.
But relying solely on statistical rigor and experimental processes misses out on another, equally important piece of the puzzle: creativity. Great customer experiences often stem from an unexpected or unorthodox approach to meeting customer needs. Yet many organizations don’t devote the same energy and resources to fostering creativity that they do to crunching numbers and running tests. Creative ideas can feel like something that are expected to just happen naturally.
Design thinking is a solution to this problem. It’s a structured approach to creative, practical problem-solving, which forces practitioners to reconsider basic assumptions and free their minds from bias and other limiting factors. Recently, it’s been used to develop everything from UX improvements at Airbnb to super-strong adhesives at 3M to a low-cost cure for infant mortality in the developing world.
Now, you have an opportunity to learn from an expert how to apply design thinking to customer experience. This Tuesday, January 19th, we’re hosting a live webinar with Wendy Castleman, an Innovation Catalyst Leader at Intuit and an authority on user-centered design and unleashing latent creativity.
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