The Medallia Team

When it comes to rolling out any business-wide initiative, gaining buy-in from your C-suite is one of trickiest steps — and customer experience initiatives are no exception.

This difficulty often comes down to time and prioritization. Your whole C-suite will likely approve of the general idea of delivering better experiences to customers. But actually implementing  new customer-centric processes throughout their own departments can require a lot of effort and reorganization. The best executives won’t want to contribute their and their teams’ limited resources to such a project until they understand specifically how it will help them fulfil their existing responsibilities to the the company.

To get over this hump, you’ll have to prove to these executives that deeper involvement in the customer experience can help them accomplish the goals they care about most. This requires insight into their priorities — what areas they focus on, what’s worrying them, and how their role fits into the organization as a whole.

We’ve just released an eBook which provides that insight — a playbook for customer experience-related conversations with your C-suite. It’s full of role-specific talking points and examples you can use to show CEOs, COOs, and other key executives how playing a larger role in creating great experiences can directly impact the areas of the business they’re each responsible for.

Download it with the form to the right. And if you have any feedback based on conversations you’ve had with your own C-suite — or on relevant topics we haven’t addressed — let us know at!