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Top 5 CX Tips for Engaging Customers in the Automotive Industry

Medallia: CX

In the automotive industry, competition is high and brand loyalty is low. The customer experience is quickly becoming the way for auto companies to pull ahead of the competition. Here are the top five ways your organization can step on the gas.

1. Start at the top.

Organizations leading the way in CX know that a company’s mission and values exist only insofar as how they’re experienced by the customers and employees. In other words, when it comes to your automotive brand, CX is where the rubber meets the road. The best way to capitalize on the CX growth opportunity is for the keepers of the brand to lead by putting the customer at the center of every decision.

2. Activate every employee on the floor, every day.

The quality of customer experience has such a significant impact on customer loyalty and purchasing behavior, numerous studies have shown that it ends up affecting corporate revenue, operating profits, and stock performance. That means that your automotive brand is in the hands of your frontline employees on the dealer floor. Equip them to handle that huge responsibility with personalized data, insights, and workflows, and employees can be one of your biggest brand assets.
When you give your employees the tools to see what customers are actually saying in real time, they can corroborate that what they’re doing is working (or not).

3. Wire management to follow-up on feedback.

Automotive organizations leading in customer engagement know that no unhappy feedback goes without a response from management. Problem is, that feedback can be anywhere.
Knowing where your customers are giving their feedback is half the job. The new “diagnostic survey” information is social information—on Facebook, Twitter, review sites, and wherever people are talking automotive. When management is wired with that information, they can—and should—respond to it.

4. Take 100% responsibility for customer complaints.

Just responding to negative feedback is not enough. Too often, it’s some version of “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Instead, automotive organizations leading in customer engagement accept 100% responsibility for mistakes and negative feedback, and that comes through in how they respond.
Every automotive brand gets negative feedback. Not every brand has a strategy for responding to it effectively.

5. Embrace the new customer journey.

The shopping experience in automotive has changed drastically. Just ten years ago, customers averaged up to five visits to a dealer before buying a car. Now it’s 1.3 visits. People are doing their own research, reading reviews, getting quotes. As a result, so much of the pre-buying experience is out of the hands of the dealer.
The upside is that once a customer is at the dealer, they’re there to buy the car. So companies that have a holistic view of the customer journey at every touchpoint are the ones who are most equipped to make the sale. 
To learn more about Medallia for the Auto Industry, download this infographic.

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