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How Generali Keeps Their CX Program Energized

How Generali Keeps Their CX Program Energized

Isabelle Conner, CMO of Generali, recently joined us at our annual Experience Europe conference in London to discuss CX. In our last blog post, we shared Isabelle’s insight into the success that Generali Insurance has achieved over the past 3+ years in building their global CX program. She also explored how they managed to make it a part of every aspect of their business.
But CX is not something you can set and forget. In order to keep momentum, your CX program  needs to be consistently tended to and energized. As part of her keynote speech, Isabelle invited internal CX leaders from across Europe to join her on stage and share their learnings of how to keep a customer experience program energized among all employees.
We’ve rounded up the top takeaways from this highly-informational conversation to help you keep your CX program charging full-steam ahead.

Keeping A CX Program Energized

1.  Continued and Visible Support from Upper Management: Leaders across the board agree that continued support from upper management is essential in keeping any CX program energized. We touched on this briefly in our last blog post, but feel it’s important enough to repeat – management should act as a role model for your CX program and do their part to motivate others, from calling customers regularly to recognizing employees for their impact.
2. Make Every Department a Part of the Program: In order to have an impact, your CX program can’t be owned by a single team. It needs to be integrated across all aspects of your business. In our last blog, we shared Generali’s story on how they were able to build a successful CX program by taking a cross functional approach and empowering employees in every function to deliver an exceptional customer experience.
3. Incentivize Your CX Program with Action Goals: Create energy and buzz around your CX program by linking incentives to it – but not to the score! For example, in Germany there are clear goals for middle management in acting against customer painpoints. In India, call centers have a promoter store where employees are able to exchange promoter responses for merchandise. The more your employees feel they are being rewarded for achievements and behaviour that drives a good customer experience, the better they perform.
4. Celebrate Wins: We have all heard the term that success breeds success. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be a part of a success story. Take the time to celebrate small and big wins across the company, so that your employees can see that change is possible. Once you show what’s working, others will automatically want to start to help.
As you can see, establishing a solid CX program is only half the job. To give it longevity, it’s critical to constantly keep your teams feeling energy around the program. The above tips are all great learnings that can be implemented at any company looking to keep their CX program engaged and energized. We thank Generali for sharing these valuable insights, as well as the leaders who joined her on stage to share their own experiences.

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