Toni Adams

Earlier this year at Experience’18, one of the important Medallia partner ecosystem expansions we announced to better support our customers CX journey in their industries and verticals, was the launch of our Medallia Certified CX Advisory Partner program.
The Medallia Certified CX Advisory partners are boutique consulting firms and specialists offering CX strategy, training and change management within industry and CX customer segments such as B2B, Tech, Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, Automotive and Telecom sectors. We are proud to have teamed up with 26 CX Advisory Partners around the world, including:

Technology is not the biggest challenge to creating a successful CX program, it’s actually good planning, strategy and change management. This is what Medallia’s Certified CX Advisory Partners focus on, making it even easier for you to setup and execute on a successful CX strategy and program.
Whether you are starting on your CX Journey or wanting to take it to the next stage, Medallia’s Certified CX Advisory partners will share innovative change management practices and thought leadership that will help you get the most out of your CX program.
Medallia and our partners are coming to a city near you to share insights, best practices and trends in person. Rolling out over 10 cities around the world starting in September, our ThinkCX roadshow of events will leave you inspired!
First stop on our world tour will be San Mateo, California on September 12 with West Monroe Partners where we will discuss taking customer success to the next level through CX within B2BFind out more.