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Take the Assessment: How Customer-Centric Is Your Organization?

This is the age of the customer. In this new era, customer experience is the new brand. Consumers increasingly look to reviews and recommendations when choosing who to do business with, rather than relying on marketing. The companies that win in this environment aren’t just looking for one-off initiatives to help them deliver better experiences. They are building a whole new set of capabilities that give the customer a seat at the decision making table.
When they succeed, the results speak for themselves: happy customers, a great reputation, and most importantly, financial success. Research published in the Harvard Business Review measured linkages between customers’ experiences and their future spending, finding that customers who received the best experiences spent over twice as much as customers who received the worst experiences:

HBR research

Building a customer-centric culture that can achieve these kinds of result is no small undertaking. You need a holistic approach that aligns customer, operational and financial metrics in a way that delivers on your specific business goals.
What if you could leverage this holistic, systematic approach to customer experience to understand where you’re doing well and where you’re not — and start making plans for improvement?
Medallia is excited to announce the release a new online customer experience self-assessment tool to help you with just this. You can complete it in less than 10 minutes. Using your answers to questions about your current business practices, and drawing from research into hundreds of leading brands, the self-assessment will show you how your company performs relative to the capabilities needed to win in the age of the customer.
You can get started below:

Take the Assessment!

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