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Voice of the Customer: Listening Isn’t Enough


While an increasing number of companies are investing in Voice of the Customer programs, many haven’t realized the level of impact across their businesses that they hoped for. The data they collect from customers is often siloed — and it’s not connected to financial results nor delivered to frontline employees in an actionable way. In other words, these Voice of the Customer programs aren’t truly operationalized. In fact, in a recent study, Forrester found that only 58% of respondent companies give customer feedback to customer-facing employees.

The question remains: are you really getting the most out of a Voice of the Customer program… if your whole company isn’t hearing it?

The answer, quite simply, is NO. But getting the most out of it, however valuable, isn’t as easy as the push of a button. It takes executive buy-in, human resources, and a company-wide culture shift — one reoriented around the customer.

Though these stars might not align overnight, there are powerful steps that any organization can start taking today down that road. Fortunately, we recently sat down with Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian — Forrester senior analyst and co-author of the recent report, The State of Voice of the Customer Programs, 2014: It’s Time to Act — to help you do just that.

Download a recording of the webinar below and get your VoC program off the sideline and on the frontline.

Photo credit: tup wanders