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Social Media Isn’t Social—So Come Be Social at Medallia’s Best Practices Forum 2013


I’ll send you a text.
I’ll send you an email.
I’ll send you a meeting invite for a conference call.
I’ll post it on Facebook.
I’ll post it on LinkedIn.
I’ll post it on Chatter.
I’ll set up a WebEx to walk you through it online.
bpf_vday copyAt the Medallia Best Practices Forum (BPF), you can take a break from our learn-through-technology culture and engage with other human beings, FACE-TO-FACE. For 44 hours—from May 15 at 6pm to May 17 at 2pm—we’ll share ideas about how Customer Experience Management can grow our businesses.
Try it and see what happens when you have a robust, rewarding, pure human exchange rather than a one-way directive to refer to later. Join us in May, and find or reconnect with your professional BFF at BPF!
In our work lives today, we rarely have time for face-to-face collaboration and communication. We seldom have the luxury of asking our peers, in person, questions about their experiences. We often don’t have time to ask why our colleagues acted the way they did, to get a deeper understanding of the challenges driving their business decisions, or to see if we can learn from the experiences of others.
Research supports the idea that face-to-face communication offers all kinds of benefits that you can’t get from other forms of communication. But don’t take my word for it. You can find opinions that support this claim all over the Internet—and in the “real world.”
Many experts argue that there is no replacement for face-to-face contact, regardless of how far technology has evolved (Duke, 2001; Oxford Economics, 2009). For example, face-to-face contact facilitates the transfer of tacit knowledge (Bower, Hinks, Wright, Hardcastle, & Cuckow, 2001), or knowledge that is not written or definable, but gained through experience (Griffith, Sawyer, & Neale, 2003).
Especially today, take this idea for a test drive. Resist the urge to use technology to send your Valentine greeting. Reach out to your Valentine face-to-face, or at least voice-to-voice, and see what happens!
Back at work, social media technology tools do help improve efficiencies. But if you want to be inspired by your peers, examine ideas from new perspectives, develop courageous new approaches to your customer experience program and grow your business, all based on best practices, BPF is the place for you. Get up close with your peers, and see what happens when you Take Action. Get Results!  Join us at Medallia’s BPF this May in Napa – registration is open NOW!