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Solution Spotlight: Deliver Seamless Digital Customer Experiences with Medallia Digital Suite

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Here’s an inside look at the integrated Medallia Digital Suite and how it empowers organizations to deliver seamless digital customer experiences that drive revenue.

Today’s consumer is smarter, more connected and expects more than ever. In fact, 68% say that COVID-19 has elevated their expectations of companies’ digital capabilities, and the vast majority say they plan to remain digital first post pandemic.

We’ve witnessed a decade’s worth of digital transformation in less than 18 months. Digital is at the heart of nearly everything we do, from the way we shop, to the way we interact with businesses, to how we work. To be successful, organizations must understand digital experience at a much deeper level.

Brands can’t rely only on the vocal minority of customers who provide explicit feedback. The majority may not be vocal, but they aren’t remaining silent. Those online customers are leaving important clues — or signals — throughout their digital journey.

With all of the investment into analytics and monitoring solutions, the ‘why’ behind the digital customer experience itself remains incredibly unclear to many organizations. Employees spend hours, sometimes days, trying to mine reports to identify why customers didn’t complete a certain activity or come back. Others spend hours trying to recreate these same experiences from the customers’ eyes, to feel what they feel in those moments, and discover how to improve on what went wrong.

You can’t rely on this kind of guesswork to truly understand online behavior and deliver a seamless digital customer experience. By combining digital feedback and behavioral data across websites and mobile applications, organizations can find and fix the customer issues with the greatest impact. 

The new Medallia Digital Suite empowers you to understand and improve both the customer and employee experience in real time, helping you create a customer-centric culture that drives real business results. Let’s take a closer look at our integrated digital suite and then highlight three ways it helps organizations do this at scale.

Introducing the integrated Medallia Digital Suite

Medallia is the only platform that combines actionable user feedback and metrics with complete behavioral data to help organizations understand and optimize experiences in real time with an integrated digital suite.

The Medallia Digital Suite brings together direct feedback, digital behavioral metrics, behaviors, scores, and insights, and makes them readily available in unified reports, visualizations and dashboards to deliver actionable insights across the enterprise.

Using the reports, you can also correlate between the digital behavior and the insights derived from the artificial intelligence-driven Text Analytics of the explicit feedback. All of this is available out of the box with the integrated digital suite, eliminating the need for any custom integrations and switching between multiple tools.

A screenshot of the Medallia Digital Suite dashboard

Medallia CX Profiles are now enhanced with these digital behavioral insights for a complete view of the customer experience. This even includes direct access to the customer’s session replays from their profile. Medallia Action Plans can also now be leveraged to drive workflows based on these behavioral insights.

A screenshot of Medallia CX Profiles showing enhanced digital behaviors

These powerful capabilities deliver complete visibility into full digital experiences, driving numerous possibilities to improve customer experience. Leveraging these integrated digital suite capabilities Medallia customers drive smarter engagements, optimizations, and personalizations. For example, customer service teams can proactively detect a customer struggling with a website or application, connect them with assistance, and help keep that customer in their preferred channels, reducing lost revenue and overall customer support costs.

1. Increase revenue by focusing on high impact experience issues

When looking at the experience issues negatively impacting conversion, a successful approach to resolution is to prioritize issues with the greatest impact on revenue potential. Leveraging Medallia’s new Revenue Impact and Opportunity model, customer experience managers and digital analysts can quickly focus on increasing revenue by resolving identified issues with the highest revenue potential, instead of spending time finding and fixing issues that may have little effect. 

In just three clicks, users can quickly understand:

  • Most significant areas of revenue opportunity on their site
  • Specific issues on those pages and their impact on potential revenue
  • Exact points on the most relevant session replays highlight where the users are facing this issue

How does Medallia deliver these types of actionable insights and metrics? Our exceptional team of data scientists have developed sophisticated machine learning models that demonstrate the potential revenue a webpage could generate. We do this by understanding the detected experience issues, the importance of the page toward conversion, and the impact of digital experience issues on conversion. This approach works for any property where conversion can be defined.

Revenue Impact eliminates guesswork from the equation. Not only do users know which pages have the biggest opportunity and what experience issues are occurring on that page, they also know why the page is the problem. This means they know how to fix it, helping drive more revenue.

A screenshot of the ROI Impact as part of the integrated Medallia Digital Suite

2. Improve digital customer experience in mobile apps

In this age of the mobile app economy, applications have become like an extension of the brand, always at the customer’s fingertips. With conversion rates three times as high on mobile apps compared to other channels, it is crucial for companies to understand — and improve — any friction in the app experience.

Successful companies optimize app experiences using the same techniques and lessons learned from improving their web experiences using both direct feedback and behavioral data.

With Medallia’s Digital Suite, mobile app developers get the same powerful toolset to tap into user feedback and behavior, with mobile app specific capabilities such as scroll heatmaps and device rotation. Using these behaviors, we create an app-specific Digital Experience Score (DXS). You can also use customer journey tracking, session replay and more. Leveraging these capabilities you can:

  • Identify and prioritize the issues that matter the most since we quantify and score every experience
  • Focus on fixing the issues uncovered by root causes surfaced by session replay and scrollable heatmaps
  • Optimize in-app journeys leveraging journey analytics and session replays 

A look at app tracking in the Medallia Digital Suite

3. Engage employees in the flow of work in any web-based application

Understanding the digital customer from the customers’ perspective is only one part of the equation. It is also important to engage and empower employees who know these experiences firsthand and are tasked with delivering them

Every single day, employees run into obstacles that get in the way of them performing their best work. To improve the employee experience, companies need a way to capture not only what the company wants to hear from their employees, but what their employees really want to tell them, all in the flow of their work.

Embedding feedback mechanisms in various employee-facing websites and applications is a great step toward this. To make it even easier, we are introducing new browser feedback extension capabilities.

With this, you can engage employees in the flow of work inside any web-based application they use day-to-day. You can enable feedback across HCM, CRM, ITSM, BI, Collaboration, LMS and any other tools accessed through Google Chrome — without being restricted by whether the application allows embedding third-party code and without waiting in line for resources to do the work of embedding feedback. This allows employee experience owners like HR & IT teams to be agile, and add feedback mechanisms to applications in minutes instead of days. 

This will open unlimited possibilities to get feedback on systems and processes, capture new employee feedback and sentiment during onboarding, engage employees in-the-moment to find gaps in documentation, and to get feedback and ideas to improve customer experience.

Spending less time enabling feedback means you can spend more time tapping into employee sentiment directly within the business applications employees live in, helping improve both employee and customer experience. 

Delivering seamless digital customer experiences

With 75% of consumers saying they want seamless customer experiences across multiple channels and 73% likely to switch brands if they don’t get it, organizations need to incorporate direct digital feedback, online signals and behavioral data to better understand the digital experience and use it to deliver a connected customer experience.

The integrated Medallia Digital Suite empowers organizations to understand, react to, and drive real-time actions that help deliver seamless digital customer experiences, increasing loyalty, engagement and revenue.

For a deeper dive, schedule a demo with one of our digital experts to see how Medallia Digital Suite can help you deliver a seamless digital customer experience.