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Putting the “Customer” in CRM: Announcing Medallia for Salesforce

Your company’s investment in a CRM — like Salesforce — wasn’t minor, and it wasn’t without good reason. Whether on the sales or service side (or both), you invested in the platform to better understand and manage the relationships with your customers. You use it as a way to boost sales, reduce churn, and realize more of your customers’ lifetime value.

But is your CRM giving you the full picture of your customers?

The heart of a CRM is allowing an organization to capture what it observes of the customer. Most of the time, this is you and your team’s own thoughts and takeaways from customer interactions. Inherently, however, this is really only half the picture — your view of the customer.

What about capturing the other half of this equation — your customer’s view of you? Isn’t there value in capturing what your customers actually feel — their feedback on your products and services?

We think that data should live in your CRM as well. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Medallia for Salesforce Service Cloud on the App Exchange, which we are now offering in addition to our custom integration with the Sales Cloud.

By integrating Medallia customer feedback directly into your CRM and enabling it to collect feedback on its own, you’ll give your team all the customer information it needs in one dashboard. With a more complete picture of the customer relationship, your employees will be empowered with deeper insight into how to improve customer experience and sales cycles. This data’s addictive nature will also help drive cross-organization adoption of your platform.

In other words: Medallia for Salesforce was designed to help you get the most out of your investment in a CRM. A more accurate picture. Better engagement. Better action. Less churn — and more sales.

Want to learn more about how Medallia for Salesforce can go to work for you? Download the brochure below! 

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