Q-Field is Medallia’s LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group (ERG). We exist to connect and develop Medallians to give voice and give back to the LGBTQ+ community.
Not that long ago, we were celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling of the legalization of same-sex marriage. Less than a year later, we are reminded by the Orlando massacre that there is so much progress left to be made; that a national decree does not yield national sentiment and that the spaces like gay bars that LGBTQ+ people once sought as safe havens can no longer protect us.
This hits especially close to home here at Medallia, as it was just two months ago that we were hosting our annual customer conference in Orlando, and a few Medallians went to Pulse on a whim. It is sobering how small the world can be, and how close this tragedy is to all of us. The loss of our LGBTQ+ family in Orlando has our hearts aching, and in the midst of Pride month it makes it even harder to feel like celebrating.
It’s moments like these where we need community more than ever. We’re privileged as Medallians to come to work every day and have immense support from our teammates. And while this might be true of a number of companies, it has only intensified here at Medallia.
Although Medallia is a feedback platform, we’re more than that; we’re inherently a people platform. We ask, listen, and take action on what customers and employees are thinking and feeling, and this attention to individuals becomes imbued within our own entire business. People, including Medallians, are the core of how and why we exist. And it’s our job to make those people feel delighted, respected, and above all, safe.
A key concept that Medallia abides by is the notion of ‘bringing your whole self to work.’ We show up each day bringing our quirks, our passions, and our failures, allowing for a comfort that makes work feel more like home. For LGBTQ+ Medallians, it means finding acceptance in difference.
It means being comfortable enough to come out during your first week at Medallia.
It means leading a team and role-modeling with unbashful pride and power.
It means bringing your husband or wife to the holiday party without fear of having to give an explanation.
It means attending a customer event in drag to inspire others to think what a holistic customer experience can really look like (we can’t make this stuff up).
And it means that when tragedy strikes as it did in Orlando, it’s all Medallians, not just the queer ones, who know how to empathize, advocate, and take action.
Our employee resource groups exist to make us a richer, stronger, and more interesting community. As Q-Field, we hope to give voice and to give back. We seek to welcome and nurture our LGBTQ+ talent. But even more than that, we hope to equip all of Medallia with the tools and language of acceptance, so that when someone shows up as their whole self, Medallians are there with open arms.
A year ago, we were celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage. And today, we celebrate life, community, and resilience.
Happy Pride.