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Product Announcement: Medallia Flux, the Latest Advancement in Closing the Loop


(PALO ALTO, April 1, 2014) – “Closing the loop” on customer feedback — whether positive or negative — has always been one of the most important best practices for customer experience management. It solidifies loyalty and will often convert detractors into promoters. As part of our effort to encourage this best practice, we’ve continually worked to make closing the loop more efficient and effective for our customers.

That’s why we are excited to announce Medallia Flux. This is a new product offering that aims to change the way customer experience professionals think about closing the loop with their customers. In fact, it may even make this very action itself obsolete.

How so?

By eliminating the loop altogether. Leveraging newly developed technology, you will be able to resolve bad customer experiences at their source: by making sure they never happened in the first place. Sound like space-age technology?

It is.

We’ve collaborated with our neighbor in Palo Alto, the National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC), to combine their particle accelerator with various elements of String Theory to turn “real-time” into “real-then-and-back-again-time.” Here’s how it works: Using the same Medallia dashboard you’re familiar with, you’ll be able to log-in and see what your customers are giving you negative feedback about, in the future. From there, you can quickly take steps to preemptively correct the customer pain point before it even occurs.

Initial pilot programs of Medallia Flux have proven to increase customer NPS, reduce churn, and disrupt the space-time continuum. In other words, it’s creating happy customers.

You can too. Check with your program manager or contact Medallia Sales to find how you can add Medallia Flux to your customer experience efforts.

NOTE: This was published on April 1st.

Photo credit: Ran Yaniv Hartstein