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Power to the Admins! What’s New in the Medallia Experience Cloud

Medallia: What’s new in the Medallia Experience Cloud

In the previous Spring ‘19 blog post, we highlighted new capabilities for experience analysts in Medallia Experience Cloud. Now, let’s look at the release from another perspective — what’s new for program admins. We’re continually investing in new functionality for customer and partner admins that means new features to manage change in the organization and control each program flexibly and efficiently.

The new Admin Suite capabilities empower admins across the Medallia ecosystem to do amazing things. We believe Experience Management needs to fit diverse business and market requirements – these updates unlock capabilities to make the changes you need when you need them, while also ensuring that each admin has the appropriate amount of control.
Medallia: Change Management
Change Sets allow you to promote sandbox configurations for surveys, designs and email more quickly and safely to production. With the ability to configure once, then package and push to production, you’ll accelerate time-to-value across the platform and increase configuration accuracy, making change management in Medallia Experience Cloud a breeze.

Delegated Administration: delegate administration to the right person in the right place, assign data permissions and scope to manage exactly what each role needs. This brings more personalized and flexible program management to Admin Suite.

Admin Suite Imports: make rapid updates to your users and org hierarchy, or distribute surveys on your own with bulk upload capabilities. This has historically been done with highly-orchestrated integration work, but now you can safely do it in three steps: upload, preview, and commit.
Medallia: Program Management and Platform Administration
Org Management: This new point-and-click interface provides an easy way to create and update organizational relationships and permissions on your own, swiftly and easily.

Usability Improvements: authoring and updating surveys is now even faster; new standard report templates in Report Builder and enhancements to Users & Roles add speed to program governance.

To learn more about what is available to Medallia admins and program management teams, check out this brochure. You can hear more about the Spring Release by watching the on-demand recording of our Spring Release Webinar.