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Digital Disrupter Strikes Back: How PayPal Removes Friction (And Drives BIG Business Results)


The mobile payment and banking arms race is on, and no one knows this better than PayPal. Since 1998, the company has been an innovator in the financial services world — not just for leveraging the power of the Internet to disrupt traditional banks, but also seeking to create experiences for customers that are easy and intuitive.

But the competition is heating up.

In a world in which the quickest and most “one-touch” transactions are winning, PayPal has had to flex its innovator muscles once more to keep up with — and ahead of — rapidly rising customer expectations for frictionless customer experiences. How are they doing that?

Well, they’re listening to customers.

And by doing so on a massive scale, they’ve been able to pinpoint chronic customer painpoints and invest in systematically removing them. The result? Far from minor. In 2013 alone, 40 million fewer issues were filed by customers with support — and transaction volume increased by $2 billion.

Regardless of your industry, PayPal’s lessons in customer experience are valuable for competing with digital disruption — present and future. They basically co-authored the book on it. And we’re lucky to be joined by their VP of Global Operations and Customer Engagement, Ellie Diaz, for an upcoming webinar! Join us to learn how their customer centricity has brought massive financial benefit and get answers to your most pressing CX questions!

Photo credit: Jason Howie and Steve Ganz