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QuickStartSurveyPostWhen it comes to customer feedback programs, you’ll often hear people talk about closing the loop. But what about opening it? Getting survey responses is one of the biggest drivers of a successful feedback program. That might seem obvious, but it’s an aspect that’s often overlooked. Without reaching a certain volume of feedback, it’s difficult to make quality deductions about your business and formulate an adequate action plan.
Why aren’t people responding? If you’ve run a customer feedback program, you are probably familiar with two factors that drive the volume of feedback you receive:
1. The strength of the customer’s experience (either positive or negative)
2. The amount of friction (or pain) a customer goes through to submit a response
We know you’re focused on #1 — you strive to deliver great experiences to all your customers. At Medallia, we’re deeply focused on #2. We’ve streamlined the survey process so you can get enough direct customer feedback to execute effectively on #1.
To continue to reduce friction for your customers, we introduced Quick Start surveys, and we’ve seen them dramatically increase response rates. Quick Start surveys put the first question of a survey right in the body of the email invitation that’s sent to your customers. We really like them because the survey taker doesn’t have to find the survey link in the email body – the survey is just right there!
How Quick Start surveys work 
Quick Start surveys display the first question in the email invitation, then redirect the respondent, once he or she has answered the first question, to the full survey.
Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 2.50.01 PM
Quick Start surveys work on mobile, tablet, and desktop, automatically rendering a survey optimized for the device type.
A quick, Quick Start case study
A major electronics retailer with locations around the globe recently launched Quick Start surveys. This led to:
● Over 60% increase in click-through rate from invitation to full survey
● Nearly 40% increase in survey response rate
By giving customers such easy access to the first question, this retailer has increased engagement. After all, who wants to just click a link? The retailer has removed the friction of traditional click-through using this more intuitive method. It’s important to note that, when the company A/B tested Quick Start against its primary method of placing survey links in the email body, it saw no statistically significant change in survey satisfaction scores.
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Photo Credit: Official U.S. Navy Imagery