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How To Become The Nordstrom Of Your Industry


True or False: When it comes to customer experience, there’s only one Nordstrom.

Well — at least, there can only be one company called Nordstrom. But is there only room for one company that creates an employee-empowered culture, focuses on the customer, and provides an experience that leads to strong relationships, loyalty, and lifetime value?

I think we all know the answer to that. The truth is that there is nothing stopping any company from becoming the “Nordstrom of their industry.” But the challenge is — how do you do it? That’s why we wanted to share with you what is considered the playbook to realize the ultimate goal of any customer experience program.

That playbook is called The Nordstrom Way to Customer Service Excellence. It traces the history of the company from its humble roots in Seattle to the storied organization that it is today. It makes connections between this history and the values that still continue to permeate every aspect of the business. But, and perhaps most importantly, it tells you how they’ve done it. How Nordstrom became Nordstrom. How they’ve persevered through trauma like the Great Depression and 2008 Financial Crisis, while never letting the customer stray from the heart of the business. How the culture they’ve created isn’t just good for employees and customers — but also for shareholders, too.

We wanted to do one better than to simply point you toward this playbook, though. We wanted to let you meet it’s source. And although we won’t be able to introduce you to Nordstrom’s 143-year-old founder, John W. Nordstrom, we’re excited to offer a chance to interact with the best-selling author of The Nordstrom Way, Robert Spector.

Spector writes in the book that, “Customer service is like the weather. Everybody talks about it but nobody (well, almost nobody) does anything about it.” As part of our live Virtual Book Club series, Mr. Spector will provide you with the tools to do something about it. He’ll lead us through the importance of creating an empathetic and engaged employee culture, the difference between being “customer focused” and “customer driven,” the necessity of an engaged C-suite, and what to focus on to start to become the Nordstrom of your industry.

We’re really excited to have Robert join us on June 18th — and we hope you’ll join us, too, for an insider’s account of how one of the best in the customer experience space managed to get to where they did. Sign up below!

Photo credit: Nicholas Eckhart