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New Research from Medallia and Partnership for Public Service Shows Why Colleagues Should be Treated as Customers

Medallia: Employee Experience

New Research from Medallia and The Partnership for Public Service on Employee Experience 

Whether agencies’ goals are to put a human on Mars, protect our natural resources, or care for our veterans, none of these things are possible without the help of mission-support services. The people behind these services are what allows agencies to meet their goals. The more they view the recipients of their services as core customers and deliver exceptional customer service, the more likely they are to succeed. 

Medallia collaborated with The Partnership for Public Service to interview government leaders across federal agencies – from NASA to FAA – to identify the key strategies that agencies can use to deliver high-quality services and programs.  

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This is timely; the General Services Administration’s 2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey, reported that employees express only modest satisfaction with their agencies’ support services. So, how can agencies improve these customer satisfaction scores? It all starts with collaboration, which happens through building and maintaining strong relationships with colleagues. The result is a better value to organizations overall. 

“When support offices deliver high-quality services, programs have what they need to deliver on mission,” said Jason Bossie, Director of the Small Business Administration’s Office of Performance Management. “It’s a trickle-down effect.”

Download this guide and learn how implementing the following support services steps, can help your agency achieve its objectives.

  • Changing the mindset within mission-support organizations to focus on customers, which includes valuing the feedback they offer 
  • Using research to understand the customer perspective
  • Becoming strategic partners with customers

Medallia is ready to help you take these steps. Download the guide and contact us today.