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Tips on How to Stay Connected to Customers and Employees During COVID-19

Modifying Experience Programs During COVID-19: Part 2

As discussed in Part I of the “Modifying Customer & Employee Experience Programs During COVID-19” webinar summary now is not the time to abandon your customer experience and employee experience efforts. Now is a time to stay connected to employees and customers – when they likely need to hear from you most.

So how are companies modifying their customer experience and employee experience programs right now? Medallia has been speaking with customers over the last few weeks and we have compiled some tips on how to pivot your program to help derive more value than ever.

Modify the language in your invitations for feedback – you’ve most likely received a handful of emails from vendors letting you know they are thinking of you and hoping you remain safe and healthy. Take it a step further, offer real empathy and open the lines of communication

  • Modify quarantine/sample filters:  If organizations see their response rates decline significantly, they may need to change how frequently (quarantine) or to which customers (sampling) they send surveys to in order to meet sample size needs
  • Adjust email invitation language and add helpful links to the email body
  • Amend feedback questions to focus on the now – what’s top of mind
  • Leverage AskNow to create tailored, specific questions related to the crisis

Close the loop – responding to customers and employees who have generously provided feedback in a timely manner is paramount. Make sure to close the loop with these people.

  • Live discussion: consider adjusting the tone of responses and potential offers
  • Timing: reassess normal response times  and adjust for cases with critical or high sensitivity
  • Alerts: reconsider “normal” response times and focus on the quality of the conversation. Now is the time for building long-lasting relationships
  • Rapid response template: adjust language and tone to support current times
  • Case management: consider creating a checkbox for COVID-19 related cases in order to flag quickly

Focus on quality, not scores – Closing alerts quickly is important, but it’s also about the quality of the experience. Help employees keep that in mind. Help them perform right now. Employees are also under stress, so try to take a step back from NPS scores and focus on making customers feel heard.

  • Focus: avoid being fixated on scores and metrics but rather on doing what is right for customers
  • Incentives: considering putting new incentives in place focused on quality

For the detailed Q&A from the webinar, check out this blog.