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Modifying Customer & Employee Experience Programs During COVID-19

Modifying Customer & Employee Experience Programs During COVID-19

Today, Medallia hosted a Webinar, Modifying Customer and Employee Experience Programs During COVID-19, and here are the best practices that are emerging as a result of our conversations with customers over the past two weeks.

Focus on what employees need – just like the safety rules of when flying “put on your air mask first and then assist others” – consider taking care of employees first so that they can care for customers.

  • Lead through change – stay calm, visible, available and share what’s really happening – as we saw from Marriott’s CEO, Arne Sorenson’s humble address
  • Have a plan – crises require timely action. Even if the plan isn’t fully baked, explain what the business is doing so people don’t panic. CVS, for example, has shared its plan to hire 50k employees
  • Feed curiosity with more information – People will go elsewhere for information if you don’t proactively and frequently communicate. Share insights on what the business is learning from gathering employee feedback
  •  Show support and flexibility – when we actively listen to employees, we can understand their concerns and fears and can address those with fast actions. Understanding how frontline employees feel right now can go a long way with regards to employee loyalty once the crisis has passed

Understand what customers need – they often simply want to know what you are doing to support them during this time. Show them they are your priority now.

  • Be clear about the change – if you do nothing, it may imply that you don’t have a plan or don’t care. Show that you are listening by gathering feedback and communicating rapid changes to the business that supports them
  • Let them know they are being taken care of – if I am a consumer who has to visit a bank branch that is still open, let me know measures you are taking to keep me safe. If I want to bank online, let me know how it will be seamless. If I am waiting for an answer to a question, let me know I have not been forgotten
  • Let them know you care – this is not the time to sell people on your brand or products, it’s about deepening the connection so that when this passes you have hopefully built trust and become a loyalty leader. Offer empathy, ask what you can do to support them and let customers know you care about them, not just their business

Take Action Now: Active Listening

  • Streamline what you ask – while you might receive lower response rates from employees and customers, what you hear right now could be invaluable
  • Practice empathy – we are in unprecedented times. Consider modifying language in invitations for feedback to show you care
  • Ask less, receive moreMedallia Text Analytics provides an opportunity to capture feedback around key topics such as COVID-19 and even with lower response rates, the insights can be critical to understanding where the business needs to pivot and quickly

The Webinar had a fantastic Q&A session that we encourage you to read as well. In addition, we have more tips on things you can put into practice today.