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Medifast Adds a Healthy Boost to Customer Experience


Named one of “America’s 100 Best Small Companies” by Forbes magazine, Medifast is growing quickly, and a healthy dose of customer experience excellence is at the core of its success. Since the beginning, Medifast has been dedicated to “helping customers become healthier, happier, and more hopeful” through carefully designed and medically formulated weight loss programs, services, and products. Since the company’s mission centers on improving people’s lives, making customer experiences great is an obvious focus.

In tune with its customers’ needs, Medifast understands that great experiences are not formed not only through outstanding products and services, but also through responsive customer support channels, such as call centers, website support, and more. To gain further understanding of customer satisfaction, the company rolled out Medallia and implemented the Client L.O.V.E. program (Listen, Observe, Validate, and Enhance). Medifast also assembled the Client Care Team to engage less-than-satisfied customers.
imgres-1Medifast now runs a comprehensive listening program through surveys in four distinct sales and support channels: call center experience, website experience, “Take Shape for Life” coaching program, and retail and weight control centers.
Motivated by continuous improvement, the company is already eager to take action on incoming feedback. “As our clients work towards their health and weight loss goals,” says Brian Kagen, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, “the insights they share are invaluable in helping Medifast continually find new and better ways to exceed our client’s needs and expectations.”
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Photo Credit:  Alan Cleaver