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Medallia’s Product Roadmap — The Future of CEM

A world in which customers love every experience.

This vision is front-of-mind for everything inside our product. And today’s announcements at our annual customer gathering — Experience 2014 — were no exception. Our goal with the future of our product is to further our mission of dramatically changing the way companies interact with their customers, to engender feedback-focused culture from C-suite to frontline, and to revolutionize how customers connect with brands.

So what’s on the horizon for the future of customer experience? Our near-term roadmap includes:

  • Native Multilingual Text Analytics — When you rely on  machine translation for unstructured customer feedback, important trends and emotional sentiment often get lost in translation. In order to truly understand what’s happening in the local markets of your global enterprise, you need to conduct these translations natively. That’s why we’ve significantly beefed up our Text Analytics capacity by adding the native parsing of 11 languages — including Chinese, Japanese, German, French, and Arabic — all of which comprise 85% of the world’s business interactions (Global GDP). But we want feedback from everyone, no matter the language they speak. That’s why we’ll be adding an additional 27 languages — in case your customers speak languages like Albanian, Hebrew, or Thai.

  • Program Health Check — One of the keys to a successful customer experience program is employee engagement. How much are your employees using your CEM and engaging with customer feedback? How often are they closing the loop with customers? How well are surveys reaching and resonating with your customers? To help business leaders answer these questions, we’ve developed the customer experience industry’s first Health Check module. With it, companies will be able to monitor the health of their CEM programs and leverage the insights to drive engagement — both with employees and customers.

  • Easy Survey Modifications — The purpose of capturing feedback isn’t just to understand what the customer experience was yesterday or today — it’s also to shape the experience of tomorrow. Changes in a large organization can be costly, though, and it’s important to be able to demonstrate potential ROI before large investments are made. With this new Medallia feature, which allows business leaders to easily add questions to pre-existing survey programs, companies can test customer experience improvements on smaller scale, demonstrate whether or not they’re worthwhile, and then roll them out company-wide.

  • Updated Mobile Apps — Like with any other product, engagement is largely the result of creating something that is truly delightful and addictive. Enter Medallia Mobile 2. This new edition of our mobile app was fully redesigned for iOS and Android with the intention of driving engagement with a customer experience program — throughout an organization. With its powerful close-the-loop capabilities, simple filtering, real-time push notifications, mobile reporting, and sleek look-and-feel, Medallia Mobile 2 is sure to get your entire organization addicted to customer feedback. Don’t take our word for it — beta testing with some of our customers has already demonstrated that the new app can lead to viral adoption and usage.

We’re lucky enough to be working with global brands that provide some of the best customer experiences. We know that, with these kinds of tools in hand, these trailblazing companies won’t just be continuing to improve these experiences — they’ll be dictating the very future of CEM.

Photo credit: Peter F.

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