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Medallia’s Customer Experience Management Certification Course, It’s as Good as They Say It Is

MI_badgeI had the pleasure of sitting side-by-side with companies like Verizon, PayPal, Zurich and many others in our first public CEM Certification Course this past December. What a great way to start my job here at Medallia. It was like drinking from a firehose—customer journey mapping, frontline empowerment, prioritizing actions.
But then I wondered: How did other people feel? I thought it was great for the newbie, but for the experienced exec? Kim from Verizon has been leading CEM programs for years, and here is what she had to say:
“I was not sure if I would learn anything new but I was pleasantly surprised. I took away some very innovative tools to assess the effectiveness of our long-standing program. Our executives were excited about the enhancements and the program team was energized and motivated.”
– Kim Palenik, Verizon Enterprise Solutions 
As a good customer experience company should, Medallia asked the first round of attendees at our Medallia Institute CEM Certification Course what they thought about the class. The answer: Great! As a participant, I felt the same way. Not only did I learn about CEM best practices, but I also left with more plans and ideas about how we can drive improvement, and our customers left with the same.
For our next course, some of the customers were so inspired that they wanted to add to the curriculum. For our March course in New Orleans, Michael Morton, VP at Best Western, will lead a session on social and mobile feedback. (See our recent press release for a bit more on what he’ll talk about.)
Many who came to this course had years of experience with well-established programs. This time away, to collaborate and think about the possibilities, is just what we all needed to continuously improve our businesses.
Here are a few more quotes from our feedback:
“Whether you are just starting or are in the midst of your program, you’ll gain a great perspective on key items to consider.”   
-Tyler Moseman, PayPal
“The content and speakers were engaging, and the interactive case studies allowed us to apply the theory in our B2B setting. I walked away with a really useful toolkit to support our strategy.”
– Hannah Warmanen, Zurich Insurance
Take the time away to make your program better, take the Medallia CEM Certification course. Sign-up today!

Photo credit: Fort Wainwright Public Affairs Office

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