The Medallia Team

To an outside observer, the most visible cause of customer experience excellence seems to be company’s attitude toward their customers. Employees at every level — from the CEO’s strategic decisions down to the frontline’s daily interactions — seem to magically grasp exactly what customers want, and consistently go out of their way to delight them.
What’s usually far less apparent are the organizational capabilities that allow such an attitude to take root, spread, and endure.
And while there is no magic bullet for creating a customer-centric organization, there are a range of small but impactful decisions about how the organization does things — like share information, test hypotheses, and react to changing market conditions — that can have a huge impact.
Medallia’s 2015 Benchmark explores all of these. Over the past year, we’ve studied and analyzed data from over a hundred brands at all stages of their journeys towards greater customer centricity, revealing such insights as:

  • The increasing importance of mobile engagement. Over the past year, 32 percent of feedback for transactional businesses came from mobile devices — a 3x increase from just four years ago.
  • The value of responding to every piece of feedback. 40 percent of the companies with the highest aggregate customer satisfaction close the loop on every customer alert — compared to 25 percent of the companies with the least-satisfied customers.
  • The impact of integrating social media into customer experience management
  • How companies are using feedback to test innovative new offerings — along with the results they’ve seen.

Here’s your chance to check out more of these insights and best practices, and to see how your company measures up. You’ll find the Benchmark by the filling out the form to the right!

Photo credit: Bluesbby