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Companies That Give Customer Feedback to the Frontlines Achieve Higher NPS®


What are the leaders of customer experience doing differently? Which of their best practices should you incorporate into your business?

The Medallia 2014 Customer Benchmark is our annual analysis of just these questions. Created by the Medallia Institute, the Benchmark incorporates data from hundreds of CEM programs in Medallia’s customer portfolio. These customers come from 7 core industries, which range from telecommunications to hospitality and provide the Benchmark with a comprehensive view into the CEM space.

So what are the leaders in the CEM space doing? Well, digging further into the data reveals a handful of key trends that are fueling an increase in customer satisfaction — and an associated revenue impact:

  • Mobile is here to stay — Across industries, Medallia customers received more feedback in 2013 via mobile than they did in 2012. In fact in some industries, customers were up to 63% more likely to give feedback on a mobile device. If you’re not mobile optimized, you probably should be.

  • Closing the loop could be the key to a customer’s heart — Communication is the foundation of any relationship. Why should it be any different for the relationship between a company and its customer? Increasingly, it looks like it’s not. When customers provide feedback, the majority of Medallia’s high NPS customers consistently close the loop more often than those with lower NPS.

  • Give your CEM to everyone — Every business has a “frontline” — employees who are engaging most with customers. Our data shows that companies in which these employees have higher levels of engagement with customer feedback also tend to have higher NPS. When an entire organization, from the frontline to the c-suite, engages with feedback, it means that it’s truly become customer-centric — and customers are clearly noticing.

And it’s working. Medallia customers’ NPS continue to rise — outperforming the average NPS of their respective industries — and the value they deliver their shareholders continues to radically outstrip the S&P 500. Over the last ten years, Medallia customers’ stock value has grown three times faster than the S&P 500.

Want to find out more? Download the 2014 Medallia Customer Benchmark.