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Medallia Insights Suite for the Analytical Leader

Insights professionals live in an era of unprecedented opportunity and face constant change. In a data-driven world, they can harness customer feedback to drive action throughout an organization. But to deliver relevant insights, they must keep up with customers whose behavior and needs are changing faster than ever. New data sources, new channels, new trends: this is the new normal.
That’s why we are excited to launch Medallia Insights Suite™ today. We designed Medallia Insights Suite for the analytical leader: providing true data analytics capabilities within their primary source of CX data to rapidly inform business decisions.
You’ve probably been in this scenario: in a management team meeting, the CEO asks for the latest data on customer satisfaction across region and business unit… for a certain customer segment. ASAP. With Pivot Tables, you can now get a precise answer within a few clicks, directly in the Medallia platform. No more Excel spreadsheets, no more offline analyses, no more manual manipulation of data. Based on that quick dive into the data, say you’ve discovered that the Northeast retail region is outperforming other regions and business units, and the team wants to uncover and share what’s working and what’s not. With Crosstabs, you can now run a statistical test to assess the distribution among customer segments within seconds.
The result? Your team can move much more quickly. And, you can spend more time on thorough analyses that uncover strategic insights.
Early adopters have been providing feedback along the way. Key words we’re hearing from customers to describe the Insights Suite are: “flexible”, “intuitive”, “fast” and “easy”. And we’ve heard numerous anecdotes in which our Insights users have become critical changes agents within their organizations. This is music to our ears.
So, let’s get down to the specifics. Medallia Insights Suite includes the following product modules:
Enhancements to our data analytics capabilities include:

  • Pivot Tables: Conduct quick ad hoc analyses and get rapid answers by viewing scores on multiple dimensions
  • Crosstabs: Investigate unexpected patterns in customer feedback and draw relationships between variables
  • Real-time Weighting: Run analyses in-line with the distribution of the organization’s customer base or target demographic

We want to empower Insights professionals to become better CX leaders. To do that, we’re focused on continuously building tools to surface real-time, statistically sound, actionable insights… so CX professionals spend less time manipulating data or searching for insights and more time improving the customer experience.
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