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Medallia Achieves FedRAMP Certification

Medallia: FedRAMP Certification

The Federal Government interacts with nearly the entire American public every year and often during critical times in their lives. From Veterans seeking healthcare to the general population filing their taxes, almost all of the 327.2 million people living in the U.S. (2018) have to interface with a government agency and its employees each year. And when the government provides a good experience, it can make a positive difference in people’s lives. Yet it’s clear there is more work to be done in.¹

Stellar Customer Experience – the New Norm in Government  

But there is good news on the horizon. The November 2019 updates to the President’s Management Agenda, calls out the need for better customer service from the Federal Government and the public. At Medallia, we are excited for the public as they should start to see positive shifts in their daily interactions. For agencies, this means delivering positive experiences will be the new norm, not a nice-to-have. 

 Federal customers deserve an experience that compares to — or exceeds — that of leading private sector organizations.

— President’s Management Agenda

Taking Action! The Role of Cloud-Based CX Platforms and Powerful AI 

The government’s High Impact Service Providers (including 25 of the government’s largest and most impactful public-facing services), as well as other agencies, have been identified as those that need to take the initiative and share their plans to improve the way they serve their customers. If you are a government entity that has been around for decades and have limited budgets, where do you start? Data and feedback from in-person and digital customer interactions, married with customer journey maps and interviews, are providing agencies with valuable data to help them identify the biggest opportunities for change. Apply artificial intelligence to that data and agencies have a gold mine of insights that they can take action on, showing immediate improvements. 

One result of these initiatives is the high demand for cloud-based CX platforms to capture these critical moments across the public’s journey. NextGov just released a report stating that security is the number 1 reason agencies aren’t engaging with cloud vendors more regularly. And this is where the importance of FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB) authorization comes into play.

The Importance of FedRAMP Certification in Selecting Cloud-Based CX Technology  

FedRAMP is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. By meeting the stringent security requirements to receive FedRAMP certification, federal agencies have the assurance that the risk posture of the vendor has been reviewed and approved for security purposes. Medallia announced it not only meets FedRAMP moderate requirements but has done so via rigorous testing across a board of government CIOs who make up The Joint Authorization Board (JAB) including the DoD, DHS, and GSA. 

Medallia is already working with several government agencies to help them meet their missions and better serve the public. Interested in learning how to get started with Medallia to meet the President’s Management Agenda initiative? Learn more about Medallia for Government and our Government Experience Practice or register for our ROI of CX in Government webinar.


[¹] In 2018, the federal government had a score of 68.9 out of 100 on the American Customer Satisfaction Index, scoring behind almost all other industries and sectors measured, a trend that has persisted for many years. In Forrester’s 2018 Customer Experience Index, federal agencies earned an average score of 59 out of 100, a lower score than all but one of the 18 private
sector industries measured.