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Medallia Experts Now Available On Demand

Medallia Experts Now Available On Demand

I was able to chat with some experts one on one, and I just love those. It’s nice to really be able to talk about your individual problems and have them sit there, unbridled, on the spot, tell you what should be done, some best practices.

This piece of feedback came from a Medallia customer during our Experience ‘20 virtual summit and is characteristic of the type of feedback we regularly receive from customers meeting with our experts. Medallia Experts on Demand, a new initiative launched today, now makes it even easier for our customers to tap into that depth of expertise whenever they need it.

Innovative practices being shared amongst customers both within and between disparate industries has long been a cherished aspect of partnering with Medallia. Founded in hospitality, Medallia saw retailers coming to our hospitality leadership early on to learn techniques that would help them deliver better in-store experiences. One simple example that came directly from hospitality is the practice of conducting morning huddles sharing real-time feedback with retail store staff. Some of the biggest brands in the world do this today — if not physically, virtually. 

Today, Medallia powers experience management solutions across industries with businesses of all shapes and sizes. The experience landscape continues to change dramatically with more ways in which customers, employees and citizens can interact and amplify their voice. Many more signals are being captured in an effort to understand the full journey and the Medallia platform has expanded significantly, to help not only gain insight but to ultimately help orchestrate interactions that generate better business results.     

With Medallia Experts on Demand, a new initiative announced today, Medallia’s customers now have access to that industry-leading expertise on demand. More than 100 experts will be available to help companies stay connected to their customers and employees — and navigate the fast-changing environment — using shared best practices and innovative techniques for capturing, analyzing and acting on experience insights. 

Here’s a sampling of insights and inspiration from a few of our Medallia Experts On Demand:

“I’m most proud about influencing changes in how customer experience leaders and executives engage employees as a part of their transformation. Employees want to have pride and dignity in their work. Leadership is about making it easy for people to be successful.”

Brian Andrews, solutions principal primarily focusing on manufacturing, with more than 20 years experience leading customer experience transformations at large enterprises

“I got to see firsthand the positive impact customer experiences had on Veterans, families, caregivers and survivors while at the VA. I’m excited to be working alongside so many experience management leaders at Medallia with that same passion.”

Lee Becker, solutions principal focusing on the public sector, who joined Medallia earlier this year after spending 11 years in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, where he helped lead the federal government’s first customer experience office and drove Veteran Trust to an all-time high of 80%, up from 55% in 2016

“One of the programs I’m proudest of designing was for a European retail bank that attributes its customer-centric investments with delivering a massive bottom-line impact — a 20% increase in mortgage completions.”

Christopher Colley, solutions principal for EMEA who specializes in highly regulated industries like financial services and life sciences

“Building customer loyalty is my expertise and passion. Real loyalty is when a customer picks a brand even when there’s a better offer on the table.”

Michael Debnar, solutions principal focused on retail and digital innovation, who helped create a digital guest experience while at 7-Eleven that has since led to increased engagement and improved case efficiency

“The new organisational muscles required to win with an experience approach are built over years through a game-of-inches that all employees need to learn to play. This is why ‘starting now’ is very important.”

David Lambert, experience management principal in Asia Pacific who previously led Medallia’s XM consulting and data science team

“Customer effort should be kept to a minimum at all times. Brands that make their customers jump through hoops to engage will quickly lose trust and loyalty and competitors will scoop up those customers that don’t feel valued.”

Rachel Lane, a solutions principal specializing in customer experience across all verticals.

“Dealers are facing tough changes due to COVID and they need to react to what customers expect for safety and convenience. They need to figure out how to meaningfully interpret and act on what customers are saying in order to maintain any sense of loyalty.”

Bryan Long, global solutions principal, automotive, with more than 30 years experience working directly with dealerships

“When it comes to digital channels, I don’t think they have to just be functional places. I want to help companies see how they can provide the same delightful, personalized, enriching experiences online, at scale, as they may already be doing interpersonally across other channels.”

Michael Mallett, solutions principal for Medallia’s digital solutions

“One of the partnerships I’m most proud of is helping a massive telco organization (B2B, B2C & B2B2C) with a global CX transition that saw them go from 200 users of its previous CX program to approximately 6,000 users of Medallia within 16 weeks.”

Loukas Nakos, solutions principal, who’s worked with some of Medallia’s largest and most complex customers during his 10 years with the company

“By tying improvements to tangible business results, my clients have been able to get buy-in from leadership to expand their programs, leading to more data, more insights, more improvements, and ultimately, more business impact.” 

Josh Rose, insights consultant helping companies quantify the value of customer and employee experience

“There is no time like the present. Don’t wait for a perfect time to try something different, start in one area to learn and gain traction, and then take a crawl, walk, run approach to evolving your program.”

Belinda Simmons, solutions principal and healthcare practice lead

 “My expertise is deepest in utilizing customer feedback to prioritize how to create the best product and service experiences that matter most to customers.”

Marvin Storey, solution principal for B2B and technology clients, who previously led HP’s customer experience organization

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