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Medallia Digital’s Impact is Felt by Millions of Users

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An Interview with Ori Soen,  EVP & General Manager, Medallia Digital on why you should join us as we grow in Tel Aviv.


Tell me a little bit about what Medallia Digital does and some of the interesting problems Medallia Digital solves?

Simply put, Medallia Digital has created technology that helps companies engage directly with their customers on digital channels.   A lot of the data that is used on digital platforms is primarily statistical and while it does a pretty good job of capturing what users are doing, it does not provide much insight as to the “why.”  By allowing companies to directly engage with users and learn about their motivations and emotional state, we enable them to improve the overall customer experience.

So why Medallia Digital?

Today’s best brands in all sectors need a customer platform that is robust, scalable and secure.  Medallia Digital “lives” on mission-critical systems collecting billions of data points every month that our marquee customers rely on to serve their customers and address any issues in real-time.

Can you share an example of how Medallia Digital solved a real customer issue?

There are many examples but one of my favorites is from a shoe retailer. The retailer was perplexed as to why their in-store women’s high heel sales were going well compared to their online store sales.  The retailer used Medallia Digital to directly engage their customers online elegantly and learned that women like to know the exact height of the heels they are purchasing.  By adding a small piece of information to their pages regarding the various heights of the heals, they found a significant increase in their sales.

Is Medallia Digital growing in Tel Aviv?

Yes.  Today we have more than 50 Medallians and are aggressively recruiting to grow.

Why consider Medallia Digital?

There are not many companies in the region in which you get to write code used by millions of users on some of the world’s biggest websites and mobile apps, in complex environments for marquee customers.

Medallia Digital is on the forefront of growth in Israel with our Web Products, Mobile apps/SDKs and our IoT Solution/SDK.

The key aspect that differentiates us is our customer focus.  If you are a product manager, you work with customers directly.  This is also unique for developers to be exposed to the customers in a very real way.  We really try to get the customer’s perspective which results in more job satisfaction.

What is the work environment like?

It is fast-paced.  You can expect people to work together very quickly, engineers, Dev Ops, and the Product Team.  Product and Engineering sit together and rely on each other. Speed and agility are required as we quickly deploy solutions immediately to our customers.  Our work is global and we cross-pollinate with our development centers in the US and Argentina.

Once a month we discuss our customers, selective deployments and hear from the Customer Success teams and Marketing.  The amount of visibility you will have into our product is boundless.

What are the general technical and soft skills you are looking for?

We are looking for individuals who have worked in high volume cloud environments with the ability to process a lot of data efficiently.

In terms of temperament and soft skills, we are looking for people who are independent, can run with a project and are not afraid to voice his/her opinion.  They should also thrive when engaged in a conflict of ideas, value directness, honesty, and respect.

What type of leader are you?

I am someone who has experience writing the code that is in the product so I lead in a manner in which we are all involved.  You can expect me to sit by you and show you why the customer would want this or not. I am hands-on because I am truly passionate about what we do.

I will never ask you to do something that management will not do him or herself, I will show you, each day.  Something I am really proud of is that I am not only engaged with current Medallians but am still in touch with individuals I have worked with who are no longer in the company.  We recently toasted our IPO and many former Medallians joined us.

 Medallians for life!

We’re excited to share our continued growth in the region and we’d like to talk to you. Some key positions are listed below. Let’s connect if you are interested in learning more about opportunities in our expanding business in Tel Aviv.

  • Front End Engineer
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Back End Engineer
  • Software Architect
  • Product Manager

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