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Medallia Customers Help Successfully Launch Our London Office

How is it that as a born and bred Londoner I struggle to find a decent pub but my US Marketing colleagues can find one of the coolest bars to put an event on for 70 folks?  Level 31 at Centre Point, great views over the ever rising London skyline was the backdrop for our exciting London Launch this past Wednesday.
The turn out at this first Medallia Europe event was fantastic, especially given the typical London inclement winter weather.  But I was particularly pleased that our first 3 live European managed customers, Sony, Zurich Financial Services and Telefonica UK travelled from across Europe to support our kick-off and describe their experiences with our solution and our local team.  They were joined by a larger group of UK and European representatives of longer standing customers such as Lego, Best Western, Thermo Fisher…. that we’ve supported historically from the US.
As has been the tradition for many centuries in London Bars, the drink always helps to build a sense of community, which was our main objective for the event. And from what I heard, customers, partners and prospects were freely exchanging experiences on how they support frontline teams using Medallia to take action and create mutually beneficial customer experiences, the pro’s and con’s of using certain metrics and what tactics works best when closing the loop.
What also helped were the kind words from the EMEA customers speaking, a huge THANK YOU to them for coming and supporting us:

  • Gabor Dani, Head of External Marketing at Zurich Financial Services focused most on the international nature of their initiative and how engaged senior management are in the whole process.
  • Sarah Fuller, Research Platform Manager at Telefonica UK (aka O2) talked about the breadth and depth of their program, and how Medallia took the challenge to build, deploy and launch it in 3 months!!
  • Alexandre Murat, Customer Experience and Digital Transformation Executive at Sony Europe, talked about the different relationship and transactional elements of his program, and how they connected together

Oh, and I’d better mention a little on Borge Hald, our CEO. Borge did a great job explaining that while we are a Silicon Valley headquartered company, the nationality/roots of our founding team as well as the emerging global needs of our customers are very happily pulling Medallia fully into the UK and Europe!
It was great fun, and we really appreciated everyones attendance, engaged participation and insights.  Check out some of the photos from the event below….
I think we are going to have to do this every year!

Photo credit: Jim Bahn