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The Data is in, the addition of Cooladata is just one more reason to join Medallia!

Medallia: Interview with Guy Greenberg

Interview with Guy Greenberg – Cooladata

As a Co-Founder and CEO of Cooladata, Guy Greenberg is helping the company—and its customers—navigate a new frontier in customer sentiment. In a conversation with Susan Lovegren, Chief People Officer at Medallia Inc., Guy explains why joining the Medallia family is a fantastic move, how the product impacts the CX landscape, and how his role as a leader will support growth and delivery for his team.

Medallia recently acquired Cooladata (, a next generation cloud-based journey analytics platform based in Tel Aviv.  

Where did the name Cooladata come from and what does it mean? 

The name came directly from Guy and his co-founder Tomer Ben Moshe and it essentially means “Its just Data”. No need to make a big fuss about it.  We make it simple to process and analyze data, and all that could be learned from it to make customer experiences better or to change consumer behavior and ultimately drive revenue.

What is Cooladata? 

As mentioned, the product is a cloud-based behavioral analytics platform. Leveraging its proprietary big data platform and artificial intelligence engine, Cooladata can process huge datasets beyond customer surveys to analyze non-explicit feedback to derive and predict customer sentiment. This enables companies to pinpoint opportunities to grow revenue and improve profitability.  

In the time we have been partnering with Cooladata we have fallen in love with the technology.  We now have a more complete view of the customer journey and analytics to understand the underlying motivations required to make smarter decisions on how to improve experiences and grow customer loyalty.

Where did this idea come from?

Much of it started over 25 years ago while working in artificial intelligence and big data. We knew there had to be a better way of taking all of the available data to make meaning of it on a Saas platform. The entire way of analyzing and slicing aggregated data needed to be disrupted. It was important to take a different approach in which behaviors could be understood by time series analysis on sequential data that shows how and why people do things instead of what and when. Like analyzing journeys taken by customers who abandon their shopping cart as opposed to journeys taken by customers who ended up buying.

What Guy is most excited about is that he gets the opportunity to solve customer problems for some of the world’s most-loved brands, and does it in a start-up environment, full of the entrepreneurial spirit that has fueled his passion for starting companies throughout his career.

Describe how you retain talent and lead teams?

When asked about attracting and retaining talent in one of the world’s hottest talent markets, Guy mentioned that, as a life-time start-up person, he is continually impressed with the culture at Medallia and that it has not surrendered to a corporate vibe.

What can candidates expect when they join?

Candidates can expect that they will be part of a team that works on cutting edge big data technology, AI and machine learning, contribute to serving amazing customers and helps one another become technology entrepreneurs in Saas and Cloud.

What is your Leadership philosophy? 

Guy is a history fan and finds his inspiration from military leaders such as Alexander the Great, Nelson and Grant who knew how to inspire their teams. He is not one to give orders but rather align on the mindset needed to achieve success. Once this occurs, he finds that the team can be more creative, fail fast and work as a well-oiled machine.

To keep the team aligned and challenged, Guy brings his love of sports to work to inspire the team.  They recently participated in a stand up paddle board activity to drive the point home.

The Cooladata Team spending some quality time together

Why join Medallia?

Guy envisions rolling out the platform to more and more customers, taking advantage of machine learning with more predictive analytics, fewer bottlenecks, better customer journeys, more valuable insights and solving problems before they are problems.

Guy Greenberg and CEO & President Leslie Stretch share the future at Medallia’s Experience Conference, 2019

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