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H&R Block’s CX Evolution is a Story Everyone Can Learn From

Medallia: H&R Block's CX Revolution

I was lucky to join Pam Kennedy, PhD, Client Insights at H&R Block, on a webinar where she revealed how her company has evolved from focusing on customer experience scores to focusing on servicing customers better. The difference between the two? Real bottom-line impact – and learnings that all companies can appreciate.


1. Embrace change, because if you aren’t evolving you are falling behind

You want to constantly look for ways to improve as clients are expecting more everyday. Even though H&R Block have an NPS of 80, they don’t rest on their laurels. After the first year of their program they realized that they needed to re-focus staff from “How can I get a higher score?” to “How can I better serve my clients?” This concept of improving the client experience gets H&R Block employees to engage with feedback data in a different way, where both good and bad feedback show you how to improve.

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2. Look for new ways to reach your customers

As technology is evolving, clients want to engage with you through different channels. At H&R Block they did two things this past year. They implemented Medallia Social Promote for Google, which asks a respondent at the end of the survey if the person wants to post online so that others can hear their opinion. This led to a social review volume increase of 26x, and a star rating increase from 3.5 to 4.8, and has greatly improved where they show up in searches and how they appear online.

They also wanted new clients to feel heard and appreciated. To do so they made giving feedback as simple as possible. Leveraging Medallia Conversations, H&R Block sends the client a text message within 30 minutes of leaving their office asking about their experience. This provides them the feedback quickly, while the experience is fresh in everyone’s mind.

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3. Keep it simple

You want to make it simple for both your clients giving you feedback and for your people acting on that feedback. For the H&R Block text message survey, it is as simple as one question asking about their experience — thumbs up, or thumbs down — with the opportunity to write more if they want to. This has given them 350,000 more responses via text with an astonishing 50% response rate.

For their traditional survey, H&R block have a simple 10-question survey where each question asks about a key step of the client journey. By making it quick and easy for clients to take, they have seen a 20% response rate. And for their people, H&R Block trains them on each of those steps in the client journey and shares what excellent looks like, empowering employees to serve their clients better.

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If you didn’t attend the webinar, you can view the on-demand replay here. We’d love to talk to you about how Medallia can help take your CX program to the next level – contact us for a demo today.