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How to Hear From Your Non-Customers: Capture In-the-Moment Feedback with Mobile


Are you a restaurant, hotel, retailer or other business trying to get a complete picture of the customer experience by also hearing from those who didn’t make a purchase? The people who walked out of your store, or left before being seated in your restaurant, or went next door after parking in your lot?
To capture feedback from non-customers, you need to engage them “in the moment”  — that is, while the customer experience is happening, not after it is complete.  But how?  Most feedback capture methods are triggered by the completion of a transaction (such as printing survey URLs at the bottom of receipts) – so they inherently exclude all non-customers.
Mobile, with its increasing ubiquity, is key to capturing in the moment feedback. Not only do most people have mobile devices – 77% of millennials had smartphones in 2012 and another 7% planned to buy one within the year*– but also consumers are integrating mobile devices into the way they shop: checking product availability, product reviews, and prices. Asking shoppers for feedback about their shopping experience via mobile is just an extension of how they’re already using the phone. Mobile feedback makes it easy for them to share.
Below are some of the ways in which Medallia Mobile Feedback can help you get valuable feedback from non-customers (as well as customers!) in the moment:

  • QR Code: You can embed a URL in a funny- looking black-and-white icon that shoppers (whether they buy or not) can scan with their smartphones. After the shopper scans the code, he or she immediately receives a mobile survey on the phone so it’s easy to provide feedback right there and then.
  • In-Store/At-Location Kiosk: You can set up kiosks, often ruggedized tablets securely connected to a cash wrap or other shelving or furniture, in your stores, branches, hotels or dealers to make it easy for anyone to give feedback while on premise.
  • Text Message: Through a sign or poster, you can ask shoppers (whether they buy or not)  to text a short code to a number. Shoppers will then receive a text response directing them to a survey: “We would love your feedback. Please tell us about your experience.”
  • SMS (Text) Survey: You can use a sign or poster to ask people to text a short code to a number in order to receive survey questions as individual texts, as if they are conversing with an automated agent.
  • Geofencing: Create an application that shoppers can download onto their mobile phones (make it fun and sticky so the interest is there!) When they enter your store, hotel, dealer, branch the application can sense the phone’s location settings, and can recognize when the shopper is in.  When they leave, we can solicit feedback on their experience and whether or not they found what they were looking for. Some of our customers even embed Medallia directly into their app. so that feedback can be collected anytime they use the app.!
  • Signage (e.g.,  You can post a sign or billboard that directly asks for feedback. You may have seen these “tell us how we are doing” signs in restaurants or retailers. Once an individual enters the URL, either a link to a survey or an SMS survey begins.

Medallia supports all of these mobile-enabled approaches to collect in the moment feedback. Not only that, Medallia recognizes the type of mobile device a respondent is using and serves a survey that fits that specific device in both length and layout.
Are you looking for ways to gather more in-the-moment feedback? Give us a call—we can show you how.
* The Millennial Impact Project, 2012 Millennial Impact Report.
Photo credit:  jamesfischer

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