The Medallia Team

When companies want to improve their customer experience, they often take a step back and take stock of how customer-centric their entire organization already is. The logic goes that, in order to prepare yourself for a big leap, you first need to know exactly where you’re standing.
But in the words of explorer Ponce de León, true customer-centricity comes from within the individual. So, while it’s important for your company to examine carefully how good of a job it’s doing focusing your customers, it’s equally important for every person within your organization to answer the same question about their own performance and customer-centricity.
So, as a person, just how customer-centric are you?
Well, today, we’re excited to announce a revolutionary tool to help you answer that very question.
The tool was developed by a crack team of cross-functional experts during a recent company-wide hackathon — a quarterly event in which Medallians come together to create innovative, outside-the-box solutions to pressing customer experience management problems.
When the team emerged from their conference room the next morning, they’d created a sophisticated diagnostic tool that uses ten simple questions to determine, with a high level of accuracy, how customer-centric the given respondent is. And now, after hundreds of hours of rigorous testing and iteration, we’re ready to reveal the diagnostic to the world.
Follow the link below to try the tool out for yourself! And feel free to share this with friends and coworkers.
Medallia’s Customer-Centricity Diagnostic Tool

Photo credit: Chris Schrier