Michelle de Haaff

For many of the world’s leading hospitality brands, building guest loyalty is a top priority. Hilton Worldwide understands the value of this more than most: after a three-year study across their entire family of brands, Hilton found that customers who receive a great experience spend on average 21% more than customers who don’t.

But how do they deliver these great experiences at scale?

Share Feedback Widely AND Take Action on Insights

In order to do this, Hilton built a program predicated on giving the entire organization access to the voice of the customer. With 4000+ properties and 54,000+ employees across 90 countries, Hilton’s ability to get customer insights to the right people in real time is an impressive feat on its own. But if you talk to Hilton’s customer experience team, they’ll say their real advantage is their ability to use insights effectively — responding consistently to individual concerns to keep customers delighted, and using customer data to inform investments in new offerings and adjusted processes. Their success won them a place as a hospitality industry leader — as well as the 2014 Gold Medal for CRM Excellence from Gartner and 1to1 Media.

How can you do the same in your own organization?

Learn How Directly from Hilton

Now, there’s an opportunity to learn Hilton’s secrets directly from them. Recently, Hilton Worldwide’s Launika Arya and Medallia’s Ajit Ghuman hosted a webinar on the strategies Hilton has used to build its award-winning customer experience program — and how you can implement those strategies in your own organization.

You can download a recording of the webinar below!

Photo Credit: Derek Key