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Hello Medallia!

If you ever wondered how some of the BEST COMPANIES IN THE WORLD became the best, look no further. Like Mom and apple pie, listening to customers is a standard part of what these companies do to achieve greatness. Along with great products, customer satisfaction ranks highest in some of the best performing companies in the world like Verizon, General Electric, Nordstrom, and Hilton Hotels.
And these companies, like hundreds others, rely on Medallia for their Enterprise Customer Feedback System. That’s what drew me to this company. Known for its highly scalable, easy to use application, Medallia has been enabling Global 2000 organizations to listen to and act on customer feedback no matter where it takes place: in social media, on the web, in a customer service center, in a store or hotel, at a bank branch, for over 10 years. From CEOs to store sales associates and customer service managers, users can see customer satisfaction rise and fall, identify the issues that lead to negative scores and even act to understand issues further and make changes to improve satisfaction.
The cloud-based application can be accessed from anywhere and is designed with customer feedback best practices at its core. Customer feedback business processes are also natively built-in, including everything from real-time proactive feedback gathering during various customer interactions to enabling a positive or negative conversation to be leveraged by the brand in a review or community setting.
The best part of it all? I get to be a part of it! I am truly excited to have joined Medallia this week! Check out a little more about this fantastic company that I have joined. Not only is the customer the center of the Medallia product, it is the center of Medallia. Every person I have met (over 100 so far!) spoke first and foremost about the Medallia customer and how it is their job to make customers successful. Customer centricity through best practices is engrained in the culture and the mind-set of the people and processes at this company. All I could say after each conversation was “wow” I am excited to be a part of this!
So I set off now on this wonderful adventure of exposing the broader world to the best kept secret of some of the largest Enterprises in the world. Medallia. How will I do this? I will start off by sharing stories. I will speak to many of our customers in my first 60 days with the company and learn how their customer experience is at the core of what they do. I will understand the best practices they use in the Medallia system and I will share it with you. Who knows, maybe you will be as excited to join the Medallia family as I am?!

Photo credit: Keith Tyler

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