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Gold’s Gym Names Medallia ‘Vendor of the Year:’ A Partnership Inspiring Cultural Change


Hundreds of gym owners recently voted on a vendor of the year – and out of all of Gold’s operational partners- it was a Silicon Valley software company, Medallia, whose solutions drive improved business results through action on the customer experience.
So, “Why Medallia?”, I recently asked an executive at Gold’s Gym.
“When we reviewed the vendors used throughout the corporate and franchise locations—and the impact they had on our business,” he said, “NPS (a metric that measures customer loyalty) has clearly moved the most compared to other company metrics.”  (In fact, NPS scores have jumped 46% in the last 6 months alone!) “This doesn’t just happen by itself,” he continued, “It takes daily, weekly, monthly execution of drive, effort, and focus—and Medallia has been with us all the way.”
How did Gold’s improve NPS not just in one location, but across all locations so dramatically? Well, “drive, effort, and focus” are by no means foreign concepts to an organization of heavy-lifting athletes.  Gold’s is an organization inspired by change: its mission centers on transformation, enabling people to “realize their goals and find their inner strength.”  And the Gold’s team exercises this mission day-in, day-out in part by using Medallia.
Inspired by Change: The Workout Regimen
Inciting this intra-organizational passion for change, Gold’s executives have created a culture of action. Here is how they have accomplished such remarkable results:

  • Goal-setting:  At the latest Gold’s Gym company conference, the president Jim Snow took the stage and set aggressive NPS goals for the entire organization.  Goal-setting is key: it unites the organization around a common mission, propelling individuals into action.
  • Daily Reps of NPS:  Everyday, current NPS scores and customer comments are not only available in real-time online, they are posted in the break rooms.  Morning meetings consist of reviewing the scores and comments, focusing on areas to improve.
  • Monthly Measurements:  Every month, members of the executive team cold-call each location—that’s right, hundreds of gyms—asking whomever answers the phone one question: “What is your NPS?”  According to the executive team, every single person within the gym—from the front desk to instructors to the managers—should both know and feel responsible for the gym’s NPS.
  • Celebrate the wins:  Gold’s also rewards and celebrates employees who truly excel in creating excellent experiences.  Recognizing great actions reinforces leading by example.

Empowering their people to “Feel their Strength”
Puns aside, Gold’s has empowered everyone from leadership to the frontlines with a customer experience solution that’s so easy to use, employees take action and see the results in real-time.
This same executive said, “The solution has to be user-friendly: most gym managers and employees have multiple duties, if the tool were cumbersome or unintuitive, people just wouldn’t use it.” 

Photo credit: Programator2