The Medallia Team

What do Verizon’s VP of Customer & Business Intelligence, a Harvard Business School professor, innovation testing in customer experience, and a chili cook-off have in common?
They are all featuring on the agenda for Experience 2015. Which is now live.
Since announcing the conference in November, we’ve spent the last several months crafting a schedule of keynotes, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities — all of which are designed to push the customer experience conversation forward, to instigate exchange between attendees, and to catalyze improvement and innovation for Medallia’s customers and beyond. Regardless of your industry, your role, or your goals for the future of your company’s customer experience, there will be fuel for everyone to accelerate ahead.
You’ll hear from:

  • Verizon’s Jeff Mango, who’s responsible for one of the world’s most extensive CEM implementations.
  • Harvard Business School’s Prof. Frances Frei, author of Uncommon Service, will share her provocative approach to the underlying importance of creating great customer experiences and the important choices required to stand out
  • You’ll also get the opportunity for hands-on interaction with Medallia’s Insights Team in “The Lab” where you’ll get to learn and practice cutting-edge customer experience data analysis strategies.
  • Not to mention a multitude of activities — from horseback riding to margarita making — that will put you in conversation with some of the brightest business minds in the world.

And this is just the beginning. We will continue to add more details to the agenda as May approaches. Just keep an eye out here.
In the meantime, picture yourself in sunny Scottsdale, among an unprecedented collection of customer-centric minds like yourself — all from some of the world’s leading brands. And if you’re ready to save your spot, you can do so (and take advantage of the early bird rate) here: