Jeff Mounzer

They say it’s lonely at the top. Executives want to be connected to their customers and employees, but they don’t always have the time or the tools to engage. Plus, it’s difficult for them to get an accurate picture of what’s really going on. By the time information reaches them, it’s been filtered many times over and transformed into a bunch of charts and tables—valuable, sure, but impersonal and far from the authentic voice of the customer.
Imagine what would it be like if executives had access to real-time, unfiltered, unbiased customer feedback. What would change? How would our experiences as customers and employees improve?
We created Medallia Voices to find out. Medallia Voices is a new mobile app that gives executives and senior leaders an easy and delightful way to stay in touch with their customers and employees.
Here is how it works:

  • Ten customer comments from the last 24 hours are randomly selected and delivered straight to an executive’s mobile device.
  • The executive quickly swipes through the day’s “headlines,” just as he or she would on a social media app.
  • The executive also has the ability to praise employees for a job well done and to share feedback with the right people to start a conversation and initiate action.
  • All of these actions can be done in a matter of minutes—between meetings, on-the-go, while waiting for coffee. Customer feedback becomes part of the daily routine.

So imagine this scenario:
An executive is walking from one meeting to another. She pulls out her phone, opens Medallia Voices, and scrolls through a couple of recent customer quotes. She clicks on a positive piece of feedback to learn more about the customer’s history and recent experiences. She might go one step further and send an email to the employee who recently helped the customer and made a positive impression. Before her next meeting even starts, she feels connected to the customer and has directly engaged with a frontline employee. Not to mention that the employee now has a pretty cool story to tell at home.
We’re already seeing this kind of habit-forming behavior with early Voices adopters. Execs are reconnecting with their customers and employees and modeling customer-centricity from the top. The VP of Retail at a national clothing brand told us that he opened Voices while stuck at the airport with his CEO. The CEO became so engaged with the app that they ended up spending hours deep-diving into recent customer stories. Now he checks the Voices app every day.
So yes, they say it’s lonely at the top. But we say it doesn’t have to be.
Medallia Voices is currently in open beta and will officially launch in April at Experience 2017. It is available on iOS and Android. Current Medallia customers interested in testing out Voices should reach out to their account managers.