Exciting New Ways to Analyze your Data in Medallia

Medallia: EX and CX data

Here at Medallia, we firmly believe the information needed to win in the market is within your CX and EX data. This feedback is rich with insights that help organizations prioritize changes and investments to their business. But we’re not kidding ourselves – we know organizations are collecting a TON of data, and that mining through it manually, combing through table after table, is enough to make anyone pull their hair out. This is why we’ve invested heavily in web reporting that is interactive, visual, and powerful.

With our Spring Release, we’ve brought 20+ new analytics modules and visualizations to the platform, helping teams to quickly discover insights, answer complex business questions, and find the information they need.

Let’s take a look at 3 powerful examples of new modules in our Spring 2019 release:

1. Geographical Map: Companies can put their experience data on the map with a new geographical module to better visualize how their experience differs by location. With a clear understanding of where the differences are, teams can more easily dig into the “why.”

Medallia: Experience by State


2. Organizational Tree: Companies are complex, spanning multiple business units, teams, regions, and markets. In order to visualize how their org is mapped within Medallia, and understand satisfaction across associated teams and departments, companies can utilize a new org tree module.

Medallia: Organization Tree


3. Pivot Table: Analysts need the ability to manipulate large sets of data. With Medallia’s re-designed Pivot Table, they can leverage dynamic filters, nesting, and expand & collapse capabilities to discover meaningful data from their insights.

Medallia: Pivot Table


The data you have is only as valuable as the insights that can be drawn from it, and Medallia’s new visualizations make it easier to find and understand those insights. We’re deeply invested in making it easier for analysts – and all users, for that matter – to better visualize their data, so they can determine how to continually improve the overall experience.


To learn more about enhancements we’re making to empower experience analysts, check out this webinar recording.