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E-Book: Customer Experience Secrets from 5 Brands You Love


Have you ever wondered what’s behind a brand you love? Why does Nordstrom inspire raving fans with lifelong loyalty to the brand? How does PayPal continually make things easy for their customers to do business with them? And with over one million Facebook followers, how does Best Western create loveable online experiences?

Well, there are a few secrets, and we’ve curated a list of industry leaders who are winning the customer experience game, including Nordstrom, PayPal, Zurich, GE Healthcare IT, and Best Western.

Some common themes? These companies are obsessed with customer feedback. They continually listen to their customers, hardwire customer insights throughout the entire organization, and make improvements based on what their customers say are most important.

Ultimately, they inspire customer love by continually making their products, services, and overall experiences with every touchpoint better and better.

Want proof? Check out the eBook below!