Sam Keninger

As part of a recent webinar on Medallia’s Mobile Apps, we incorporated data from the Medallia Institute that shows the importance of frontline engagement.
Warning: This graphic could change your company (for the better)!
NPS Frontline
Among the hundreds of brands Medallia serves, those whose frontline employees regularly log into the Medallia system to understand the customer experience and who then engage with customers achieve dramatically higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS) than the companies with little or no frontline engagement.
This data is so powerful because it highlights Medallia’s core point of view:

  • Companies should gather feedback to take action on it
  • The people taking action must include those closest to the situation, because they’re actually in a position to fix what’s not working
  • The frontline can engage only when companies share feedback and empower employees to act
  • Companies need to continuously monitor and react to real-time feedback
  • Infrequent and sporadic feedback does not keep the customer experience top-of-mind

Gold’s Gym, a Medallia customer, has gone through the transformation of getting employees to worry about the customer experience, and Medallia has become part of the company’s DNA. Recently the CEO told us:

The Medallia program changed our culture because it made us acutely aware of the customer. We reply to all feedback and have business processes to address concerns and directly engage with customers.”

Over the past seven days, the typical Gold’s user has logged in five times. Managers around the world have saved at-risk customers by closing the loop on real-time feedback and have identified countless ways to make their gyms better. It’s no coincidence that NPS scores are up across the organization by over 40%. More important, gyms are coming to us and showing how Medallia is helping reduce churn and increase share of wallet. Their magical insight: Promoters spend more and churn less.
When frontline employees have a part in managing the customer experience, they fix what’s wrong. That’s why these results are so profound. Unfortunately, we still see many companies stuck in an old market research mindset. They are keenly focused on asking customers a lot of questions, but doing very little to take action on the data they’re getting.
So it’s time for a gut check: Are you managing your CX program to simply ask a lot of questions? Or do you want a culture change?
Companies that use Medallia are among the world’s most revered brands for a reason—they’re willing to make the entire organization accountable for the customer experience, and they take action on their customer feedback.

Photo credit: Ding Yuin Shan