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Three Tips on Customer Success from CA Technologies

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Guest post from Dayton Semerjian, GM, Global Customer Success, CA Technologies
Focused on growing the business and building a customer-centric culture in a dynamic market, CA Technologies partnered with Medallia in 2014 to get as close as possible to its customers and truly understand their needs. CA creates software that fuels transformation for companies and enables them to seize the opportunities of the application economy. Here are three tips based on our experience to help you build a successful customer experience program in any organization.
1. Listen to customers at scale
It was Medallia that helped us get clarity on what was going on with our customer base. With thousands of customers, we needed a scalable solution that would deliver insights based on pattern recognition across literally thousands of customer interactions and customer comments. One theme that emerged was the need to make our support organization more effective.  To address this, CA has deployed new technologies for case management, knowledge management, omni-channel support (chat, mobile) and global escalation management.  We have deployed Lean Six Sigma to re-engineer processes to focus on generating customer value.  As a result of support-focused improvements, our first day issue close rate is greater than 40% and issue mean time to resolution has improved by over 60%.
2. Create access to information and excitement within the organization
With such a large organization – more than 11,000 employees – we had to focus on distribution. We were so excited to rely on the Medallia mobile app to engage both our salesforce and customer-facing teams. We’ve gotten the app into their hands, and it’s giving them the information they need to run their businesses.
3. Set clear success metrics
We set clear goals at the outset, and we exceeded those metrics. We’ve seen a steady increase in NPS since 2014, quarter over quarter. We’ve also increased our customer satisfaction ratings, which are consistently greater than 9 out of 10. But most importantly, we’ve really changed the way that we work with customers. Medallia is truly a listening platform for us – it’s our central nervous system.
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