The Medallia Team

What is your company’s best source of innovative ideas?
Chances are, many such ideas emerge from brainstorming by teams of product experts. Others might come from moments of inspiration by more junior employees, which then filter up through the company and end up as a new product or service.
While these methods can be quite impactful, they also take time. With the speed of innovation and disruption increasing across all industries, it’s important to enhance the ideation of innovative offerings wherever possible. And if you’re looking for a steady stream of insight about problems customers are facing, as well as creative ideas that are hidden in pockets of your frontline, your front line, it’s hard to beat customer feedback.
Leading companies have already started using feedback in just this way. They also use feedback to validate the impact of innovative ideas in practice. Check out the video above to see how three of them are doing so!

Photo Credit: JasonParis