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Creating extraordinary experiences means acting in real-time

Medallia: Customer Experience

Remember what a cell phone looked like in 2001?

Nokia 3310

Medallia was founded just after the Nokia 3310 came out. Email was the norm for digital communication, text messaging was painful, and connecting to the internet meant sitting in front of your desktop. Data and information moved slowly. Our customers used Medallia to send email surveys a few days after interactions to start understanding the customer experience better. At the time, all of this was revolutionary.

Of course, everything moves a lot faster today. We’ve moved from sending surveys days after an experience… to a number of hours… to a number of seconds. Transactional and event-based email surveys allow businesses to understand how customers hold onto and remember their brand, but they don’t address what is happening as experiences are taking place.

Here’s the issue: if you only ask for feedback once an experience is over, you have no opportunity to provide value – while their experience is taking place and help them towards a successful outcome; all you can do is react — and that may be too late.

At Medallia, we’re thinking about engagement a bit differently. We want to help businesses listen to their customers, in the moment, to influence experiences.

Think about that.

A gate agent who offers you an upgraded seat on your flight because he saw the check-in issue you reported directly through the airline’s mobile app.

Being routed to your banker in real time to give you more transparency and updates on your mortgage application, since she saw your feedback in Messenger that you felt in the dark with the process.

Your auto dealership informing you to bring your car in for service because feedback from owners with similar activity data have reported issues with transmission, preemptively addressing your needs.

Our customers tell us they want to:

  • Make every moment count: Design every micro-transaction within your customer journey, intentionally and intelligently.
  • Be everywhere your customers are: Engage with customers in the channels they are already in. Interact with them there and add value.
  • Rewrite customer experiences: Make giving feedback a valuable part of the customer experience.

Without real-time feedback capabilities and a focus on adding immediate value, you put up artificial barriers for your customers to get their problems solved, which gives them more than enough time, and reason, to switch to your competition.

Julian Clarke, Product Marketing for CX Engagement Offerings at Medallia.
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